1/8 oz Z Viber

Like the original Z-Viber, this bigger version is made for vertical jigging or casting and retrieving technique. With a 1.6" size and weighting 1/8 oz this lure provide a faster fall rate allowing fishing in shallow or deep water.The Z-Viber 1/8 oz is the perfect mix between a blade bait and a small lipless crankbait. With the three rigging options you will be able to optimize the action according to the technique you are using. Armed with two high quality treble hooks this new Z-Viber is the result of a full year of testing in a wide panel of applications: Ice and open water fishing for Walleye, targeting monster Crappie, Bass fishing in cold water or even Perch fishing... The versatility of this lure will amaze you. The vibrations for such a small bait are truly amazing and the incorporated tungsten bb's will create a really attractive noise.