Dixie Jet Slab Spoons

Billed as the "Son of the Legend", the Dixie Jet Slab Spoon is the offspring of the Dixie Jet Flutter Spoon. The Dixie Jet Slab Spoon is the opposite of the Flutter Spoon as it is designed to make two or three flutters to the right and left and then dive quickly, blowing past suspended fish causing them to chase it down and violently eating the bait. These spoons are made of pure lead with a weight of 7/8 oz. and measure 2 1/2 inches long and ½ inches wide and are available in five colors. They are armed with one VMC #2 wide gap treble hook that ensures solid hook-ups. The best presentation for the Dixie Jet Slab Spoon is for vertical jigging. It is most effective for suspended fish in open water, in and around docks, and over trees and other structure. The Slab Spoon is very effective in coaxing fish out of tight cover and will invoke a hard strike. The Dixie Jet Slab Spoon is available in several fish catching colors and catches fish from all species, fresh water or saltwater. All Dixie Jet Slab Spoons are made in the USA, with American pride and proudly keeping jobs in America.