Salmo Hornet

Original Salmo Hornet
Salmo Custom Hornet
Salmo Hornet #4 and #5 are floating version.
The Salmo Hornet is an absolute must for every angler's tackle box. Recognized by In-Fisherman Magazine as one of the greatest walleye crankbaits of all time, the Salmo Hornet is equally effective on all types of freshwater predators in all types of water. Like every artisan fishing lure from Salmo, each Hornet is hand crafted, painted, tank tested and tuned to ensure every lure meets our exacting standards right out of of the box. We have 2 sizes available and a range of realistic and high contrast colors. Constructed of a proprietary high density foam engineered to a similar gravity as a balsa wood, the Salmo Hornet is extrememly resistant to predator's teeth, unabsorbent and exceptional durable. Most importantly, the fast twitch, rod vibrating action created by the Hornet is simply irresistible to predators and catches more fish, period. All Salmo Hornets offers a super strong, welded single through-wire design to ensure hooks never tear away and an unbreakable polycarbonate lip to provide years of fishing success. And like all Salmo Fishing lures, the Hornet is backed by our LIfetime Warranty. It's no wonder so many anglers Insist on Salmo!